"Garlic is the catsup of intellectuals."

Certified Organic Garlic

We (Fred and Chris Thaxton) are the founders of Thaxton's Organic Garlic that you know and love. We acknowledge the need for locally sustainable crops, and since we're both science teachers, we have the knowledge to develop healthy soil and crops without damaging our environment.

Despite the recent organic trend, this is not a new practice for us; we have been growing our own organic vegetables and herbs for twenty years. In 2000, we began growing organic garlic for our family and friends. We have worked over the past eight years to increase our personal production.

Due to the fact that crop not developed on site has the potential to contaminate a grower’s crop, we rarely buy seed from any other grower. The benefit of our history is that all the garlic you buy from us has been developed and enriched in our ground for many years. By knowing the establishment and history of the crop, we exert more control over our own crop.  

All of our garlic is grown organically, and we have proof of any and all ways of fertilization.  We are Organiclly Certified by the OEFFA (Ohio Ecological Food & Farm Association), and National Orgainc Produce our certification number is 1829.  If you are really interested, give us a call, and Fred will excitedly explain his methods to you.

Site visits are welcomed by appointment. While we have only sold to private buyers until the seven few years, we now sell at a few farmer's markets and to personal clients. You can stop by to see us at the Hudson Farmer's Market on Saturday mornings.  We almost always have new recipes for you, as well as daily doses of garlic samples.  Remember: a clove a day keeps the doctor away.

We love the farmer's markets. We meet great people, and as science teachers, we feel we are doing an environmental service to our community. Also due to our profession, we believe teaching kids how to produce their own chemical-free food and control their own land will eventually benefit the entire community. We are the kind of educators who practice what we teach!